Length of roads, railways and waterways in miles             


Total road length: 2027 miles (3.262 km) of which 100 miles are expressways

Total rail network length is 982 miles (1.579 km)






Number of freight handling facilities (hubs) to enable multimodal transport;
number of freight airports, ports




There are at least 12 freight handling facilities (hubs) in Singapore as shown on the map:

port singapore hubs-3

The Port of Singapore is a world-leading container and transhipment port. 

Jurong Port (Jorung Island) is Singapore’s only gateway for all types of general cargo processing 18 million tons of general cargo annually.In terms of both passenger and freight air transport, Changi Airport has established itself as a major aviation hub in the Asia-Pacific. It is served by 80 airlines with over 4.000 flights connecting to more than 180 cities in 59 countries and has an annual handling capacity of more than 70 million passengers processing 1.9 million tons of cargo annually.

Although noted for its extensive sea and air links, Singapore also has road and rail connections to the rest of Southeast Asia. Singapore is connected to the Malaysian railway system, whose most southerly station is actually located within Singapore.










Existence of adequate ICT infrastructure (e.g. broadband access)




Most technology and business parks have comprehensive and ready-to-use facilities like broadband, technology collaboration and networking opportunities.

The modern ICT-solutions: TradeNet, PortNet, e-Logistics platform for the chemical industry, etc..