Carinthia is Austria´s southernmost federal province bordering Northern Italy and Slovenia to the south, and the Austrian regions of Styria, Salzburg and Tyrol to the east, north, and west. The region integrates three different cultures and speech areas (Roman, Slovenian and German). Between mountains and more than thousand lakes, the rich cultural background and the natural beauties make tourism important for Carinthia. Other areas of economic strength are: 

  • carinthiamapRenewable energies

  • Environmental technology

  • Machine-building

  • Metal processing

  • Core fields of RTD – Competence Centers:



Representing the regional authority, the Development Agency of Carinthia (EAK) is responsible for transport-related agendas in the province of Carinthia. In its capacity as operating agency of the Carinthian government the EAK has drawn up a master plan for logistics development. A political steering group consisting of the political representatives, civil servants and the EAK is responsible for the implementation of the master plan. Strengthening the research potentials in the region is among the prime objectives. 

Textkasten CarinthiaResearch partners such as Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt are vital partners in this process. For many years the EAK and also the Department 7 “Economic Law and Infrastructure” of the Carinthian government have worked together with the Department of Production Management & Business Logistics.

The Alpen-Adria-University plays an important role as a research and development partner in order to improve logistics development in Carinthia according to the aims of the master plan. Several joint projects document this collaboration of the stakeholders. Furthermore, the Alpen-Adria-University acts as a driver of regional innovation.

Transport- and Logistics enterprisesare organised under the Verein Netzwerk Logistik (VNL) umbrella. With the VNL department “South” (of Austria) the business sector has a platform with a jointly developed agenda and objectives involving business-oriented regular study groups on relevant topics. The VNL network in Carinthia has established contacts to 40 SMEs in the region, of which 13 are active members. Research and higher education institutes, as well as schools, public administration (like city magistrates) are integrated. This well established regional network will serve as a basis for the actual step for a new institutionalised regional cooperation structure.

The cooperation between these regional active drivers – representatives of public institutions, science and the economy – in Carinthia has been long lasting and fruitful for the mutual benefit and for the benefit of the SMEs. The Logistic Cluster acts as a neutral umbrella network to improve and to set up the topics about logistics, transport and traffic in Carinthia. The grown partnership will be further strengthened through the membership in the AlpLOCC Logistik Kompetenzzentrum Kärnten, which has actually been founded as a research-driven logistics competence network by the regional government, the EAK, and the Alpen-Adria-University.


Logistics infrastructure in Carinthia

alplog photoLocated at the intersection of two major European transport axes, the Tauern Axis, and the Baltic-Adriatic-Axis, Carinthia is developing into an important logistics hub handling transport by rail and road. On behalf of the Carinthian government, EAK is in the process of negotiating cooperation agreements with the NAPA (North Adriatic Port Association) ports in Venice, Triest, Ravenna (Italy), Koper (Slovenia) and Rieka (Croatia).

A main pillar for the future development is the upgrading of the existing logistics center ALPLOG CARINTHIA in Fürnitz. Through excellent infrastructure conditions – like the integrated ÖBB shunting station and the vicinity to Klagenfurt airport – the logistics hub Fürnitz has the potential for the implementation of a Dry Port for the NAPA ports and as a hinterland hub for Northern Italy and Slovenia. Next to the shunting station managed by ÖBB, 36 Enterprises are currently situated on the 164 ha of the freight village ALPLOG CARINTHIA.


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Download relevant presentations (in German) here:

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