Nov@log represents the logistics cluster of Normandy comprising enterprises, laboratories & research, and territorial institutions. The French State is a permanent observer of the Novalog Governing Board and can formulate recommendations. Nov@log has as members Local Authorities along Seine Axis like the Industrial and Trade Chambers of Le Havre, Rouen, Eure, Dieppe, Elbeuf, Fécamp/ Bolbec and also the metropolitan areas of Le Havre, Rouen / Elbeuf, Seine / Eure and Dieppe. The links between Novalog and the territorial institutions are reinforced by the presence and the financing of the Higher-Normandy Council.

normandy mapNevertheless, Nov@log is strengthening collaborations with other areas of France. The collaborations on projects with other competitiveness poles I-Trans (rail transport), TES (secured electronic transfers), Pôle Mer Bretagne and PACA (Energy, TIC, Transport), Move’o (Transport), Picom (Engineering / Services), Advancity (Engineering / Services) and EMC2 (mechanics / microtechnic materials) contribute to Nov@log’s wider network.

The cluster is a non-profit organisation with the main objective to facilitate the cooperation of financial institutions, RTD laboratories and industries on projects. Seven employees work pemanently for the cluster organisation. The main areas of work are:

The influence and the integration of Normandy in Europe; 

The strategic financial & economic models for different operational actors;

Information platform & database for knowledge transfer; 

Land settlement and strategy in European context; 

For industries: human resources and competences (receptivity or mutation of logistics and supply chain jobs)

Nov@log is currently supporting various projects and carriers of innovation in the domain of logistics as well in NICT as in logistics organisation.

Three Strategic Actions Directions (S.A.D.) are centered on


Safety-security of flows and

Sustainable development.

Novalog, since their foundation, have already obtained the financing agreements for 39 projects (60 million euros) (ANR / PREDIT / CONSEIL REGIONAL HAUTE ET BASSE NORMANDIE / FUI 5/ FUI 6 / FUI 8 / FUI 9 / OSEO / ADEME / Interreg / FEDER & IPER) - in total more than 25 million euros.



NOV@LOG research members (universities and laboratories):

  • Universities of Le Havre and  Rouen
  • CERENE: Centre d'Etude et de Recherche en économie et gestion Logistique (Center of économic & Logistic Management study and research)
  • LMAH : Laboratoire de Mathématiques Appliquées du Havre (Laboratory of Applied Mathematics of Le Havre)
  • GREAH: Groupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Automatique du Havre (Research group of electrotechnics and automatics of Le Havre)
  • METIS: Centre de recherche de l'Ecole de Management de Normandie (Research Center of the Managment School of Normandy)
  • GREYC: Groupe de recherche en informatique, image, automatique et instrumentation de Caen (Research Group in Computing, Image, Automatics and Instrumentation)
  • EMSE: Ecole Nationale Supérieur Des Mines de Saint-Etienne (Grad. School of engineering)
  • CIRTAI: Centre de Recharche en Transport et Affaires Internationales (Research Center in Transport and International Trade)
  • LITIS: Laboratoire d'informatique, de traitement de l'information et des systèmes (Laboratory of Computing and information & systems processing)
  • IRSEEM: Institut de recherche en système électronique embarqué (On board-electronic-system research intitute)
  • CEA LIST: Laboratoire d'intégration des systèmes et des technologies (Laboratory of integration f systems and technologies)
  • ISEL: Institut Supérieur d'Etudes Logistque (logistics engineer school)
  • CRITT T&L: Centre Régional pour l'Innovation et le Transfer de Technologies Transport & Logistique (Reg. Center for Innov. and Technology Transfer Transport and Logistics)
  • IDIT: Institut du Droit International du Transport (Institut of Transport international law)


The RTD is historically linked with the different countries of Maghreb with the collaboration of Nov@log’s research centers with the University of port of Tanger and the University of Alger.


Economic Development

Selected for their innovation and the progress brought to logistics, up to now Nov@log have labelled 66 projects for a sum of over EUR 88,000.000 in all the themes of logistics whether in internal management, in traceability, safety/security, and in port logistics, e.g:

  • GOST: Tracing/Tacking of hazardous containers (€1.4 million).
  • STEP: Ensure reliability and regroup information during container transfers between the port and multimodal terminals (€1.6 million).
  • F-Trace: tracing/tracking for cold goods based on active RFID (€450.000).
  • TREX-CONTAINER: is a system of automatic identification of container number and detection of their damages (€200.000).

With the geographic advantages, Normandy is an important place for harbour logistics. The port of Le Havre represents 70% of French container traffic which makes it of course the fist container harbour with 2.5-3 millions of TEU per year. The port of Rouen is the first cereal harbour of Europe with 6.9 Mt in 2009.

With 90.000 jobs in logistics in Normandy, this area represents 6% of logistics jobs in France.  The companies of logistics field realized in 2007 a turnover of 6.3 billion Euros which is 10.2% of the Higher-Nomandy turnover. Those numbers make Higher-Normady the area where logistics is the strongest.


Potential for increased growth and competitiveness

The industrial activity around the Seine Axis (notably in Lower Normandy) participates at the collaboration with the Parisian area. Indeed Normandy is dependant of the Parisian region because of the location of many headquarters in Paris. The competitiveness pole works in close collaboration with the environmental ministry, including the part of interoperability of dematerialized systems of logistics. Directly interested in the infrastructure of the North-Europe-Seine channel, this issue will be integrated in the study of flow modifications in terms of opportunity.
The Normandy area has 4 main fields of future development potential:


  • car industry,
  • agriculture,
  • petrochemical industry,
  • pharmacy.


We are working on new projects with our members to insure the development on fields like reverse logistics for old cars or car distribution projects with our member Renault. Nov@log contributes to the investment of Normandy’s companies for the strengthening of competitiveness through the realization of projects to respond to National and European calls.